The Pet Community Fund Roadmap

Upcoming Events!

  • 2023 – Customizable Pet NFT Drop

    Personalize your donation with an image of your beloved pet, or display the rescue you are nominating.

  • 2023 – Pet Community Fund DAO Vote

    80% of net proceeds go to the Pet Community Fund (PCF) controlled by the DAO. When the PCF reaches $10,000, the community will vote on which animal rescue organization will receive the $10,000 donation.

Join our LIVE ViciNFT
Q&A Session

Every Thursday @5PM CT

Starting with this event, we will have weekly live Q&A sessions on all things NFTs, wallets, and blockchains. These live events will be hosted on Zoom and are an excellent opportunity to get your questions answered directly by our Vici team.

Past Events

  • November 4th 2022 – Pet Community Fund NFT Drop

    For each Pet Community Fund NFT you purchase, you can nominate which animal rescue organization to support. Your NFT is dynamic and will display the name of the organization you nominated and the total amount in the Pet Community Fund.

    In appreciation of your support, you will be able to create your very own NFT to honor your pet forever on the blockchain.